Saturday, April 12, 2014

Favorite Things Friday & Stencil Storage

So this week's Favorite Things Friday is all about Stencils / Masks, and who doesn't love those.  I love using them to add texture to may layout, adding some texture paste just gives the layout a little bit of oomph

So here is my favorite stencil - the Prima Brick Mask, I just love using this as well as that little blue mesh, works like a bomb for putting little dots everywhere.

Now talking about stencils / masks, have you seen this post? if you give us your best storage idea you can be in to win this gorgeous prize.... A hello just loving that numbers one :)

So here is how I store my stencils / masks, unfortunately this is the only way I can keep them together without me forgetting where I have put them, so I keep them in two plastic self sealing bags, and when I go to a crop - it's easy for me to bring them along

I have one 12x12 for all my larger stencils and then an A4 for the smaller ones, you have to see how lovely Kimberly's are stored.  This one is by far my favorite way to store them, just so much eye candy over there....

So be sure to check it and show us your favorite stencils / masks and the way you store them

TFL & Happy Scrapping


  1. Thank you for sharing you stencil storage idea.. love seeing all the different ways people store their treasures.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us at Scrap It Girl!!